Call for Abstract

International conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research, will be organized around the theme “Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal & upshot of Cannabis”

Cannabis 2018 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Cannabis 2018

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1Sativa
  • Track 1-2Indica
  • Track 1-3Ruderalis
  • Track 1-4Physical Addiction
  • Track 2-1Growth medium
  • Track 2-2Light
  • Track 2-3Humidity
  • Track 2-4Nutrients
  • Track 2-5Water
  • Track 2-6Warmth
  • Track 4-1Co2
  • Track 4-2rosin
  • Track 4-3DHO Extraction by Dexso
  • Track 4-4Butane Extraction
  • Track 4-5Ethanol Extraction
  • Track 5-1Marijuana and psychosis
  • Track 5-2Pot and IQ
  • Track 5-3Brain size, connectivity
  • Track 5-4Noisy neurons
  • Track 7-1Medicinal potential of cannabis
  • Track 7-2Perceived benefits of medical cannabis
  • Track 7-3Cannabis and cognition
  • Track 7-4Cannabis, cannabinoids, and dementia
  • Track 8-1Psychological Addiction
  • Track 8-2Addictive Personality
  • Track 8-3Signs and Symptoms of Addiction
  • Track 8-4Video Game Addiction
  • Track 8-5Internet Addiction
  • Track 8-6Porn Addiction
  • Track 8-7 Sex Addiction
  • Track 8-8Gambling Addiction
  • Track 8-9Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Track 8-10 Alcohol Addiction
  • Track 8-11Risk and Genetic Factors
  • Track 8-12Behavioral Addiction
  • Track 8-13Tolerance and Withdrawal
  • Track 9-1Short-Term Effects of Marijuana Use:
  • Track 9-2Medical and Recreational Effects
  • Track 9-3Feeling of calm
  • Track 9-4Pain relief
  • Track 9-5Psychedelic effects
  • Track 9-6 Positive effects in cancer treatment nausea and pain